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How it all began 

The most common question I get is "Did you name it 3am Cookies because you are up decorating at 3am?" To tell you truthfully, No. I came up with this name because for about 25 years now I wake up at 3am every night to eat cookies and milk and my cookie of choice is actually Oreo's.


I started Culinary School back in 2014. As it started nearing the end for me, I started asking God, what is next for me? What am I supposed to do after Culinary School? Twice in that same day He showed me cookies. Not sugar cookies though. Drop Cookies. A few days later my husband told me the KC Chiefs were going to the playoffs. This was a huge deal because they hadn't been in 50 years. So, I said " I'll make you some cookies!  Here they are the 1st Sugar cookies I ever made and decorated. 

As you see here, they weren't that great, but they opened a door to something bigger than I could have ever dreamed of. I made about 4 dozen. He took 2 dozen with him, and I kept 2 dozen. I posted the 2 dozen I had, and they sold instantly. Off that post I also received birthday party cookie orders and baby showers. The orders just kept coming and I had no idea what I was even doing. I took every order I could and on my 1-year Cookieversary I made KC Chiefs cookies to celebrate myself and my growth in the cookie world. 


On my 2-year Cookieversary I made this cookie platter. This Platter went viral, and it got 18.9K views in 2 days. This opened so many doors me in the culinary world. Now, we are here I'm still not quite sure where "here" is because its constantly changing

But I do know that this is truly a gift beyond anything I've ever given. I love that I have been able to be such a big part of so many so many people's lives. I appreciate each and every one of my supporters. Without you, I wouldn't be who I am today. Thank you for taking the time to get to know me. I look forward to speaking with you soon. 

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